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Beginners find that the simple, logical teaching progression makes learning easier. Because of the slow motion learning it allows even the most uncoordinated or unconfident person to experience success.The cooperative approach takes the pressure off and reassures people who do not develop as quickly.

are better able to understand how learning works and see what basics they may have missed. Practical methods are given to help undo bad habits which will allow them to develop further.

players should have most of the physical aspects of the game together so the main benefits for them come in the mental and emotional areas. This program teaches advanced players how to get into the "effortless" zone, stay in that zone longer, and if they get out of that zone how to get back into it.

are able to build a strong foundation which will not inhibit their future development. They are also learning important life skills which they will be able to transfer to other areas of their lives.

get a good physical workout without putting as much strain on their bodies. As we get older we all need some form of physical exercise to keep our body functioning in a healthy way.

Mixed Doubles
gets a real boost because the cooperative approach makes it easier for couples to play together in harmony.

Ideal learning environment-The relaxed, supportive, cooperative, and loving atmosphere creates ideal conditions for learning.

Better physical workout-
By working cooperatively and keeping the ball in play longer, it gives you a better physical workout. Tennis has always been categorized as an anaerobic activity. Effortless Tennis is an aerobic activity.

Great mental and emotional workout-
Not only are you getting this great physical workout but you are also getting a wonderful mental and emotional workout. Anything that can give you better concentration, help you relax in tense situations, and can let you work through some of your emotional trigger areas is something everybody should do.

Better for your psyche-
You feel better because you know that you are working to make a positive change for our troubled planet.

Working cooperatively-
A psychologically healthier approach to life.

Reduces tension & frustration-
The relaxed approach reduces pressure and allows everyone to develop at their own pace. Failure is ok. It is part of learning.

Boosts confidence & self-esteem-You can see and feel yourself developing. Lets you know you can succeed at something difficult. All you need to be is the best you can be, not what someone else can be, or someone else wants you to be.

Makes learning easier-
It makes learning easier by giving a detailed map of the journey. Also by learning how to learn, it will make it easier to learn the next activity you want to learn.

Makes learning & playing more enjoyable-The cooperative approach takes the pressure off, enabling you to enjoy the learning process and become a better tennis player. You've got to have fun.

Maximizes potential-
A solid foundation in the fundamentals allows you to develop to the best of your abilities.

Helps develop important life skills-
Through learning Effortless Tennis you develop the life skills of, patience, perseverance, self-motivation, and self-responsibility, which will prove invaluable in the rest of your life. It is virtually impossible to learn this game without having or developing these attributes.

Less chance of injury-
By learning how to hit the shots properly, not trying too hard, and not muscling the ball, you are less likely to get injured.

Greatly reduces reaction time-
By programming the information into the muscle memory you are able just to react to a situation without having consciously to think about what to do.

Increases consistency-
If you can keep the ball in play you can have a good time. This is the first key to becoming a good tennis player. You don't want to beat yourself. Remember, unforced errors are the bane of all tennis players.

Promotes equality of the sexes-
Finally men and women will be able to play on equal terms, none of this macho, domination stuff.

Practice at home-Being able to work on and improve your game without having to be on the court makes the whole process easier and faster.

Cumulative effect-
Because of slow motion learning and the fact that we don't move on to the more advanced material before the basic material is learned, there is better retention of what was learned. For example, people have worked with me for 6 months or a year and then for some reason or another didn't get to play for a while. When they returned to the game they were amazed at how much they remembered. The cumulative effect of the program is one of the major benefits. Learn it right and it lasts.


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