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The Effortless Challenge


Minimum Requirements for Playing Competitive Tennis
Form Counts- No Hacking!


    1. Short court groundstroke rally (ball must land inside service line)
    20 shots per person

    2. Baseline groundstroke rally
    15 shots per person

    3. Cross court groundstroke rally (forehand & backhand)
    10 shots per person

    4. Down the line groundstroke rally (forehand & backhand)
    10 shots per person


    5. Short court volley-groundstroke rally
    20 shots per person

    6. Baseline volley-groundstroke rally (forehands & backhands)
    15 shots per person

    7. Volley-volley rally (forehands & backhands)
    10 shots per person

Serve & Return

    8. Serve
    10 in a row (ball must clear baseline before second bounce)

    9. Serve & return
    10 in a row (ball must clear baseline before second bounce)

Lob & Overhead

    10. Lob-overhead rally
    10 shots per person


These are minimum requirements a player needs to be able to accomplish before focusing on competitive play. If a player can not successfully complete all these exercises they need to understand that playing competitive tennis will limit their long-term development. Serious consideration should be given to increasing practice time and reducing competitive play.
• Being a good tennis player does not mean hitting great shots, once in a while, it means hitting good shots most of the time.
• This challenge is not only a tool for evaluating a player's physical skill, but also their mental and emotional capabilities.
• These are cooperative exercises. Work together. Help each other and have fun!
• Shots in these exercises are consecutive. If someone misses, start again.

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