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In the Effortless approach there are three phases to the game: the learning or pre-competitive phase, the competitive phase, and the effortless or beyond competitive phase. The pre-competitive phase is the time when you learn the game, it takes a minimum of 2 years. During that time competition should be non-existent. The reason for this is that in a competitive situation people's focus shifts from learning, to doing whatever they need to do to win. Before playing competitively it is essential to have a solid foundation which includes consistency in hitting all the shots; forehand and backhand groundstroke, serve, return of serve, forehand and backhand volley, lob, and overhead. Combined with that is developing good footwork for all the shots. While you are getting those elements together, you also need to learn how to keep your mind focused and your body relaxed while you are running all over the court under increasing pressure. It's a good challenge.

Long Term Program
To be a complete tennis player takes between 5 and 10 years. That may seem like a long time, but that is how long it takes to get good at any high skill activity. The length of the competitive phase is directly linked to the development of an individual's ego. One of the main ways, in this society, to develop self-worth is by being successful in competition. By learning the fundamentals prior to competing, success in competition is much more likely.

When we learn to play to our potential, success is the natural outcome. Once the ego has gained enough confidence, through being successful in competition, then competition becomes less important. It is no longer necessary to prove anything to anyone, because you have proved to yourself that you are a good player. In Effortless Tennis the competitive phase is an optional part of the program, not mandatory as in conventional tennis. If you have no desire to compete, you don't have to, you can just have fun and work to be your best.

In the effortless/beyond competitive phase the emphasis shifts from winning to attaining the "effortless" state. The goal becomes increasing the time you are able to sustain that peak performance experience. The true joy in this game comes, not from beating someone, but from being in "the zone."

The Effortless program makes the pre-competitive phase more enjoyable. You don't have to prove yourself before you know what you are doing. If players take their time and learn the fundamentals, anyone can play this wonderful game. This approach also reduces pressure and allows everyone to develop at their own pace. What's the rush? So many people are concerned about beating other people to show who's best, who's superior. Give it a rest. Daily life is filled with so much pressure to win, we don't need more pressure when we are doing something for recreation. We can have a good time just hitting balls and learning the game. Relax, have fun, and enjoy the learning process. The results will take care of themselves.


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